Monday, August 10, 2009

25GB of FREE online storage with Windows Live Skydrive

I have accumulated a lot of digital pictures over the past 5 years. Problem is, I have lost a lot of them due to lost or corrupt memory cards, or I accidentally deleted them from my hard drive, or the DVD\CD that the pictures have been stored to are scratched beyond repair, and other reasons. What do I do to ensure that I can safely store my pictures AND share them with friends and family?
Enter Windows Live Skydrive. Sign-up is simple and free. I have been using Skydrive since it’s inception (beta) and it has never failed me (at least not yet)!
Of course, there are limitations. You only get 25GB of space, and the upload\download speed is capped off at around 150kb. Regardless of the limits, it is FREE!! Go sign up now!