Monday, August 10, 2009

So you want to be a Systems Engineer…

Engineering jobs are not handed out to just anyone. It is a very lucrative, VERY demanding job where most of your time is well spent supporting a business’s infrastructure. The technical expertise a Systems\Network Engineer must possess is incredible. During a job interview, not only must you prove that your resume is true, but you sometimes will need to answer from very detailed technical questions and\or configure a hands-on lab. So, how do you prepare for these types of interviews?
Here is a very good article on what can be expected to be asked when interviewing for an engineering job. My advise: If you CANNOT answer a good portion of these questions don’t bother going to the interview because you need training! Also keep in mind that just because you have an MCSE or CCNA does NOT mean that you can answer all of these questions off the bat. The questions are designed to test your true knowledge of networking, OS, Exchange, and hardware.