Sunday, January 17, 2010

Take advantage of disc replacement programs.

I have a 2 year old and she LOVES to get a hold of our Disney DVDs. She will open the DVD case and play with the discs without me knowing about it. I will put in a movie for her and the disc will not image work either because it is dirty, smudged, or scratched. Disney DVDs are expensive (at least $20 a pop) and I don’t have the money to go buy a second copy. So, what I’ve been doing is copying the DVDs in addition to converting the movie to XVID then putting away the legit copies up high where she can’t get them. Problem is, some of the movies are beyond damaged and I can’t copy them. What am I to do?
Recently, my daughter wanted to watch Snow White. I opened the DVD case and noticed right on the DVD there is text that says “For technical assistance with this or any Disney DVD, visit us at” So, I took a look. Right on there is a link to the Disney Disc Replacement Program. If I have a damaged disc I only need to fill out a form and mail the damaged disc, the form, and a check for $6.95 to Buena Vista Home Entertainment and they will replace the disc! I was a happy man! I don’t need to drop twenty smackeroos to get a replacement disc. It will only cost me 7 dollars and a week’s time! This is a great program for a production company to have especially for those with small children.
After I looked into this program for Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays, I got to thinking; Do any other companies have a disc replacement program? I was surprised to see that almost every company that sells a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray offer such a program! Even Microsoft offers a replacement program for XBOX and XBOX360 games! Here are a few of companies that I found that have a disc replacement program. Some charge a small fee to replace the disc, others offer it for free. But all make you pay for the shipping one way or another. This is a small price to pay to get a working copy again!
Disney -
Universal Studios -
XBOX360 -
Nintendo Wii -
Microsoft Software (Windows, Windows Server, etc…) -
There are a TON of other companies out there that offer a replacement program. Good news is that most of these companies have a support phone number right on the packaging of the product, or right on the disc. If you can’t find it, then online searching will be your friend.
So the lesson here is DO NOT THROW OUT your damaged discs! Get a replacement! If you find more companies that offer a replacement program, post it in the comments area. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me! :)