Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it a new lifestyle of modern computing or another move for Google to take over the world? Thank you for Google Docs.

Google has been dabbling with several different technologies for a very, very long time. The company claims to ‘research and watch’ what is going on and then learn from what they record. Google offers a new service and claims to just see what happens and how it affects the web community. Besides these claims, we all know that Google is slowly taking over the internet with their Google Public DNS service, Gmail, online book library, and its fiber optic service (okay, maybe Google isn’t trying to take over the planet but conspiracy theorists aren’t convinced otherwise :) ). Besides this, Google has been branching out with some more common services. Enter Google Docs.

Google Docs is not a new thing. It has been around for a few years but it has not been a reasonable option until recently. Since I already have Blogspot, Gmail, and Google Wave ( gotta love free betas :) ), I added Google Docs to my Google account. I have been slowly migrating some of my documents into Google Docs and I gotta tell you, I kinda like it. It is easy to use and very easy to edit documents. Editing the document is similar to using Microsoft Office or OpenOffice but you use it inside of the web browser window. Plus, I like the fact that there is zero storage limit (as long as you save the document as a Google Doc). For others that you know that has their own Google account, you can share the documents with that person by sending them an invite.

A bonus about Google Docs is that the entire application and all of your files live ‘in the cloud’ exclusively. You don’t need to save the document locally to the computer – it is saved directly to the Google account online. You don’t need to install any software or worry about carrying a flash drive to backup your documents because everything is available online and served inside the web browser. (Free online backups! Yay!) Thanks to everything being stored in the cloud, you can access your Google Docs from any web browser on any computer!

Oh yeah, did I mention that Google Docs is free? If you have a Google account, then you will find you already have access! Just log in and click on the “Documents” link at the top of the web page. For everyone else, you can sign up for a Google account free right here. To see more information about Google Docs, view a demo, and features click here. Give it a try, its free!