Friday, February 4, 2011

How to add the Sysinternals Suite as an application install in MDT

I really enjoy Sysinternals tools and I prefer that it is included with every OS install that I deploy. The reason is because sometimes I need to travel to provide on-site support and I don't want to waste time downloading and installing the tools. I also use some other tools from the Windows XP Support Tools and Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. Basically, I needed some way of including these tools with every OS deployment but only include the appropriate tools for the OS version. We don't need the WinXP support tools in a Windows 7 deployment because Windows 7 already has these command line tools embedded.

So I came up with a quick little script for MDT that will do this for me. It was pretty simple to set this up, as I will show you. The script only copies files - nothing else. The batch script first it checks to see what the installed OS is - Windows XP or Windows 7. If the OS is Windows XP, then go to the XP instructions. If the OS is Windows 7, then go to the Windows 7 instructions. Simple, right?

First, we need to prep the MDT application. Make a folder on your computer called "SupportTools". Inside the SupportTools folder create 3 child-folders called "resourcekit", "sysinternals", and "xpsupporttools".

Then create a batch file with the following text:

Ver | Find "XP" > Nul
If not ErrorLevel 1 Echo OS is Windows XP

Ver | Find "6.1.7600" > Nul
If not ErrorLevel 1 Echo OS is Windows 7

xcopy \\%server%\%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\resourcekit C:\windows\system32\ /C /Q /Y
xcopy \\%server%\%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\xpsupporttools c:\windows\system32\ /C /Q /D
xcopy \\%server%\%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\sysinternals c:\windows\system32\ /C /Q /Y

xcopy \\%server%\%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\sysinternals c:\windows\system32\ /C /Q

*****DO NOT forget to customize this text to match that of your MDT environment.
%SERVER% = The server location of your MDT share.
%MDTSHARE% = The name of your MDT share.

Save the batch file in the root of the "supporttools" folder.

Next, we need to extract all 3 different versions of the support tools to the respective folders we just created. This is the easy part.

The Windows XP Support tools can be downloaded from here:

Run the MSI on your computer and choose all default options. After installation, you can find the files here: c:\program files\support tools. Copy all of these files to the "supporttools" folder.

The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools can be downloaded from here:
After installation, you will find the files here: c:\program files\windows resource kits\tools. Copy all of these files to the "resourcekit" folder.

The Sysinternals Suite is found here: .
The download is just a ZIP file. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to the "sysinternals" folder.

Now, import the application into your MDT environment using the batch file as the installation trigger! That is it.