Thursday, February 24, 2011

USB Boot Disk Edition #3 – Install Ubuntu from a USB Flash Drive

Ah yes, Ubuntu… currently the most popular Linux distribution in the world. If you2011-02-24 22h50_14 have not installed or tried Ubuntu Linux, you are truly missing out. You will not find a more user friendly, open source, free to use, free to download Operating System out there. But, enough with the Linux love. Lets talk about creating a bootable USB flash drive for Ubuntu from Windows!
First, download the edition of Ubuntu that you want to install from here.
Second, format a USB flash drive with FAT32. Make sure the drive is at least 1GB in size.
Third, mount the ISO file using an ISO mounting tool like Virtual CloneDrive or extract the contents of the ISO do a folder of your choosing.
Last, navigate to the root location of the extracted ISO folder or the mounted ISO file and execute “USB-CREATOR.EXE”. Choose the drive you want to place the Ubuntu installation files on and click Start. That’s it! After about 30mins, you will have a bootable USB flash drive with which you can use to install Ubuntu on a computer, or use it as a Live distro.
If you want to create a bootable Ubuntu installation from another OS, be sure to check out this post on the Ubuntu forums. Ubuntu excels at providing a great deal of documentation for their products. Enjoy!