Friday, March 9, 2012

The Windows 8 Family of Software: Betas and Consumer Previews

We all know that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released on Feb. 29th 2012. imageBut did you know that Microsoft also released the Windows Server 8 Beta? Microsoft also updated the Visual Studio 11 Beta as well as the Team Foundation Server 11 Beta. All of the software is free to use until the end of January 2013 so if you are interested, I highly suggest taking a look at the latest and greatest technologies for the Windows desktop and server. Look below for download links!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download

Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta Download

Windows Server “8” Beta Download

I wasn’t impressed with the Windows 8 Developer Preview, but Microsoft has definitely made things much better with the Consumer Preview. I’ve been using the Windows 8 CP exclusively since the day it has been released and I haven’t had any major problems on any of my computers or laptops. I am writing my first impressions review on Windows 8 CP so look forward to seeing it here on my site soon!