Monday, July 2, 2012

A Must Have Tool, Notepad++

Notepad in Windows is a necessary tool. It is a quick text editor that opens fast, and does imageits job as expected. However, it is a very simple tool and lack any type of features. Also, it does not do a good job at loading large text files into memory. Ever trying to open a 25mb .TXT file? Either it takes forever to display in Notepad, or the Notepad app crashes.

Instead, I use Notepad++. It is a free Notepad replacement that can handle hundreds of different types of files and is an excellent HTTP, XML, CSS, and code editor. Notepad++ opens incredibly fast and can handle very large files. It has tabbed views so that you can open multiple documents and flip back and forth between them in the same window, and it also has colored text to help when navigating specific file types, such as XML, HTTP, or CPP.

Notepad++ is free to use and it constantly updated. It even has its own built-in update checker. The installation is very small, 5.6mb. Definitely feel free to add this app to your I.T. Pro toolkit. But even if you are not an I.T. Pro, do yourself a favor and download this excellent Notepad replacement. I guarantee you will love it!

**If you want to replace the default Notepad.exe with Notepad++ entirely, follow the instructions on how to do so at the How-To Geek site here!